Thank you so much for stopping by the site.  We are a women ran and operated company that focuses on intimate adult products and parties to spice up your love life.  Without the hassle and apprehension of visiting a store.


Our mission is to awaken your Inner Goddess and help you FEEL sexy, no matter where you're at in life.  Over our years in the Romance World, we've run into so many women that say being intimate with their partner is a chore, due to lack of experience, children, timing, being self conscious, or intimidated.  It's time to change that, and we want to help!


You don't eat the same food everyday, you don't wear the same clothes every day...WHY would you expect that of your love life?


If you are 18 years old and older, we welcome you into the site to look around and shop.  If you're not, hang in there, we'd love to work with you when you turn 18!  Parents if you have found this site by accident and have concerns, this might be a good opportunity to talk with them. 


We can't wait to answer your questions and book your parties.  Go to the Book A Party tab and we'll get you set up!!