Kink and Sexy - Amazon vs. Full Bloom Parties

Volume 21: Amazon vs. Full Bloom

by Liona Sun


I have had quite a few questions about “WHY should I order from you verses Amazon” so I thought I’d address this in this weeks blog.  I’ve mentioned in a few of my videos before that you can order toys from anywhere, including Amazon, which is true.  I’m am totally aware they are inexpensive and come in two days if you have Prime.  This is what small business owner’s fight with on a daily basis and why a lot of the Mom and Pop shops have closed, because of mass corporations ability to buy in bulk and sell at cheaper prices. 


So why order from Full Bloom Parties if you can get it cheaper somewhere else?  Here is my take on ordering or shopping in general.  I am a small town girl in a big city, which means we have larger corporations that dominate the market and it is convenient, but frustrating as a small business owner, because we are fighting with prices and convenience.  I try and support local as much as I can.  I see so many of these big name brand companies come in and literally wipe out a town, because of the One-Stop-Shop and savings a person can get.  These companies order in Max Bulk for thousands of stores nation wide and have a consistent order of items constantly being placed, which means they buy product for pennies on the dollar.  Yes, they have thousands of employees to pay, electricity, heating and shipping etc, but there is NO way a small-town, self-employed business owner could compete with their prices.  The question you have to ask yourself is what is more important, the price of the desired item or the value and relationship of who sold it to you.  For me, cost isn’t everything.  I would much rather build a good relationship with my customers and distributors than get the cheapest price and have no personal rapport with those I’m working with.  I understand the value, hard word and determination of an ambition, the dream and building a business, which means, I do my best to encourage those who want a business or have a business and by buying through them.


I explain Amazon to my customers as it being equivalent to an open flea market where hundreds of people go to sell their stuff at discounted rates.  Amazon is amazing and wonderful for lots of things, but there are three reasons why items on there are cheaper than what Full Bloom prices or any other small business items go for. 


Firstly, they are being sold by an over seas manufacturer directly.  In the U.S it is against many companies policies for a manufacturer to sell their product directly to the public at retail prices; this can create monopolies which dominate the business front of the market.  Monopolies are illegal in the U.S.  We can not tell overseas vendors where to sell or what to charge which makes U.S. small business even more cut throat with competition.  In most cases, I as a retailer can’t buy my products at the price on Amazon, but it is too unpredictable to rely on as a distributor. 


Secondly, it is a lesser quality or refurbished item.  I can not tell you how many times that I've ordered a product based on the picture and when I got it was disappointed.  It’s made with a cheaper material or has deformations that I didn’t know where going to be there.  It is hard to tell what you’re going to get without seeing and holding it in-hand.  There are times when I am so angry something doesn’t fit or upset at the way it looks on my that I want to return it, but realize it is easier to keep the item and reorder, than it is to call them up, request a label, find a box, and pay the shipping to return it.  You know that saying, 'you get what you pay for?'  It is a true statement.  Full Bloom takes the extra measures to make sure the product looks like the intended item and is great with their return policy on dysfunctional items.


Thirdly, you have to be careful that the seller isn’t selling USED goods on intimate items.  Yes, it is extremely gross, but it happens!  I have seen it on a glass anal plug and a silicone vibrator that say, “perfect condition, slightly used” and shiver.  I don’t even want to go into what “slightly” means.  The reason you don’t buy used intimate products is the sharing of bodily fluids.  Bodily fluids can carry diseases like HIV/Aids, Hep C, Hep B, STD’s.  You don’t know the person who used it before or their sexual history so DO NOT use or buy anything USED that goes inside or on the genitals of you or your partner.


Again, this is not to knock Amazon, I love them, but I will NEVER buy adult toys on there.  Ever.  I have always bought my products from a company that I trusted and I could “sample” like you can with Full Bloom Parties before hand so I knew what I was getting.  With an In-Home Party, you can feel the intensity of the vibration, feel the softness or texture of the toy, sample the edibles and feel the consistency of the lubricants.  Try going to a store and doing that.  It’s even harder with an online store.  What would you do?  Order it, open it and return it and say, “Just kidding I just wanted to see what it felt like?”  NO!  Once you buy it, you own it (unless it doesn’t turn on, NOT, that it doesn’t turn you on).


Lastly, buying local means you help keep that company or business active.  No customers, means no income, which means no more business.  If you keep it local, you help your friends, family, or family friends who have worked hard to make their dream come true.  You get to know the owner, manager and staff so that they can answer your personal questions to find an item best suited for you.  The best part about buying with a local Full Bloom Consultant is the PARTY itself.  You get to host a free party for you and your Ladies in a safe environment where you get to FEEL, SMELL, TASTE, HOLD, and HEAR the products BEFORE you buy them.  You get to laugh and giggle with girlfriends, text your partner, eat some edible undies and nibble on a horney man gummy while you shop.  You will hear tons of facts and reasons-why for the products that Full Bloom carries, but nothing beats having a perfect, laugh-fest with your girls that empowers yourself, enhances your sex life and builds confidence within you.


As always, I love who I am, I love what I do, and I love the products I get to share with all of you.  I am Liona Sun, Full Bloom Parties Blogger and until next time, be cool, stay safe and practice your own KINK and Sexy.


I hope you enjoy, like, comment, and keep in touch with all the up-coming blogs.  Ladies, if you’d like to be interviewed for your own KINK and Sexy article, be sure to message me either through social media or by email at and we’ll set up an interview! 


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