Kink and Sexy - Another Year Down

Volume 25: Another Year Down

by Gracie Smith


What a whirlwind of year.  It has been busy, fun and I have met so many new amazing people.  I can’t thank you enough for the outstanding parties we have, the likes, comments and shares I get on Social Media and above all I am excited for what the future holds for Full Bloom Parties in the year to come.


There is this trend on Social Media called the top 9 of 2018 and I thought I’d share our Full Bloom Parties Top 9. 


  1. The Customers:  You guys!  There is nothing better to me than a bunch of hungry women who are eager to learn new information about spicing up their love life.  It doesn’t matter if your Sexy and Single or been attached for years, passion deserves respect, dedication and work.  I enjoy your questions, humor and stories and look forward to many more years to come.
  2. Spring and Halloween Party:  If you don’t know already, believe me when I say I LOVE throwing parties, but my customer appreciation parties are a blast for me.  The planning, decorations and the new stock I get to share are some of my favorite moments.  Every time I host one it gets bigger and better and I hope that you’ll be apart of it one day.
  3. New Stock:  Full Bloom Parties is a company that I’ve had to build a little at a time.  With any business you have to build slowly so you can not only go bankrupt, but mostly so you can gage your customers and see what they like.  Everyone is different so you have to have a wide variety for people to choose from.
  4. Customizing Connect Cards, Business Cards, Vendor Cards and Mugs:  Oddly enough, I enjoy the paperwork and creation part of the business just as much as the parties and planning part of it.  I am finally able to personalize it more and have a good group of artists willing to share in this experience!
  5. Fun Facts:  I enjoy learning just as much as you guys do and I am always reading about something new, outrageous and kinky to tell you guys.  The fun facts are the quick witty tid bits that make every day life amazing and humorous. 
  6. Cue Card Research:  This year I plan on taking on a couple consultants  and have been working really hard to put together a packet for my girls that includes a fun fact, product description, and product details that will help them go through the presentation with ease.
  7. Parties: There is nothing better than going over to a ladies house full of amazing women who are open and eager to learn about products, new desires and ways to spark up their own bedroom for themselves or with their partner.  The laughs, the games and the fun we have makes every party worth it, plus a little girl time is always welcome.
  8. Vendor Events: These are the best way for me to do a little out reach to the public and are so much fun to meet new people and get their interest and ideas of what I do.  Even though I have my PG table out, I always bring the Q&A kink cards to keep the vendor ladies around me entertained between clients.  The antics we pull is worth every second hahaha.  No shame!
  9. Humpday Auctions:  I host a Humpday Auction in my VIP group on Wednesday’s that allows those who haven’t interacted before, are too far away for a party or are on a strict budget, the ability to participate and have fun, when they may not have had the opportunity before. 


I have a top moment from each party.  The memories, love and giggles we shared mean so much to me and will never be forgotten.  I have so many hopes for this upcoming year and know that no matter what, you ladies keep me striving to help, inspire and encourage you to be confident, fierce and kinky.  Never feel bad for who you are.  All the best in this year to come and I know we all will do great things and grow more personally for the better!


As always, I love who I am, I love what I do, and I love the products I get to share with all of you.  I am the creator and CEO of Full Bloom Parties and until next time, be cool, stay safe and practice your own KINK and Sexy.


I hope you enjoy, like, comment, and keep in touch with all the up-coming blogs.  Ladies, if you’d like to be interviewed for your own KINK and Sexy article, be sure to message me either through social media or by email at and we’ll set up an interview! 


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