Kink and Sexy - Love Bites

by Liona Sun

Volume 2: Love Bites


In order to keep the anonymity of my blog guests, I have changed their names to protect them from any kind of negative feedback.  Thank you for understanding.



Odaxelagnia: Sexual arousal from biting or being bit.


If you don’t know by now, you will soon find out that I have a vast fascination with sexual subcultures and kinky people.  This does not mean I am into that certain Kink, but the lifestyles and the people behind them are very interesting to me.  This past week, I had the pleasure of talking to Caroline, a mother of five and wife of 15 years.  She had mentioned in passing that she though biting was a HUGE turn-on and naturally a million questions came to mind.  How did you find it out?  What do you feel?  Is your husband into it?  How many people know?  What makes it a turn on?  Is there a certain place you bite over another or is biting just biting?  And thankfully, Caroline was more than obliging to answer my barrage of questions.


As we huddled in the corner talking in fascinated whispers, she said, “biting for me isn’t like dressing in lingerie or wearing certain perfume to create a desired affect, it’s more of that raw, carnal, beast that needs to escape.  The first time I bit my husband he yelled and bit me back in anger.  Like a scolding parent, “How did that feel?”  Little did we know, that was even more of a turn-on.” She sat back and thought for a second, “It’s like being claimed, the strong beast taking you for his own.  He personally hates being bitten.  It’s a huge turn-off for him, and I’ll be sure to kiss my evening-shag away.  But he doesn’t seem to have a problem satisfying my craving.”


What she said made a lot of sense to me.  Being a Leo and ruled by passion, there are some things that just come from the beast inside.  I continued and asked her if there were different kinds of bites.


“Of course there are.  There are little playful nibbles on the shoulder to show you’re interest, there are the love bites across his pecks, there are the kiss, kiss, nibble down to my soft spots (erogenous zones), and there are the full out, all-in bounding love bites.  Now you add in a growl and that is instantly mind blowing.”  She squinted one eye and bobbed her head debating whether or not to add in one more.  “There are also the substituting pain bites.  The one where he full out bites my shoulder to distract me from anal sex, but that is a whole different turn on.”


“Explain this to me.” I got my thought together.


“Yes, it helps to refocus the pain somewhere else and gives me goosebumps.  Then it’s like my body turns on and loosens up for him.  You should really give it a try.” She jested.  I giggled just a little giving serious contemplation to her suggestion.  Yet, how would you ask your partner you want him to…(raised eyebrow)…bite you.


I am the number one fan and firm believer in communication between partners.  It builds trust in the bedroom and ultimately grows it in the rest of your relationship because you are literally completely naked and vulnerable with each other.  Granted one can argue you can have sex without relinquishing your soul, but that’s an argument for a whole other article.


Caroline out right laughed at me and said, “It wasn’t a preplanned thing.  We weren’t sitting in the living room making out with the T.V. on intermittently discussing our desires.”  I know some that do, I thought to myself, “it was a heat of the moment, surge of passion and I clamped down.”  Then she thought about it.  “Ya know, it might be a good idea if you asked.  I nearly got pushed off the bed our first time.”  She laughed at the memory. 


My suggestion personally, would be to straight out ask.  “How would you feel about biting?”  Granted if you’re not that comfortable with asking so directly, there are a thousand different ways.  Like making out on the couch in front of the T.V. and sneak it in between kisses.  How about while you’re in bed and kissing down his chest giving little love bites and asking, “Do you like that?”  Better yet, ask him to bite you and see if you like it first.  We also have some awesome, tasty items that might help initiate the mouth teasing foreplay encouraged for biting (wink-wink).


This got me to a more serious question, “What do you do when they bite too hard?”  I imagined teeth sinking into flesh like pointy vampire teeth.  That would surely kill a moment! 


“They know before you do.  During sex your brain takes a back seat to desire.  Or at least mine does.  I’d be impressed if they broke skin.  Leave a mark, sure they will, some bruises, maybe, give you some hickies and a possible dental impression, are all dependant on your own pain tolerance.  My big rule is, don’t break the skin, but my husband doesn’t want to either, no matter how mad I make him.  If you think about it though, the sound of teeth going through flesh is horrid.  I’m not sure if you could ever get that out of your head.” 


Leave a dental impression?  Where can you leave an impression that doesn’t break skin? 


“I love having my shoulders bit.  They’re touch, resilient, and easily accessible during doggie style and I’ve never been able to find marks, even when he was more passionate.  The back, sides and boobs bruise like crazy.  If that’s your thing, cool, but I make sure it’s hidden by my clothes.” 


Over all, I was very intrigued in Caroline’s kink and of course had a blast talking with her and her care free bubbly personality!  What are your opinions of being bitten?  Is it a huge turn off or turn on?  Where do you like the trail of love bites to land?  Please share, I’d love to hear from you.


As always, I love who I am, I love what I do, and I love the products I get to share with all of you.  I am Liona Sun, Full Bloom Parties Blogger and until next time, be cool, stay safe and practice your own KINK and Sexy.


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