Kink and Sexy - New Year New Goals

Volume 25: New Year New Goals

by Gracie Smith


As time passes from 2018 to 2019, I sit here with my glass of sparkling cider and think of the goals that I want to achieve.  I read in an article done by Deborah Blake, that instead of setting “resolutions” you should set “intentions” to better assist you to get things accomplished.  A resolution implies “there’s a problem needing to be fixed” in your brain.  Simply by changing the word RESOLUTION to Intention, you have an idea of where you’d like to go and it’s easier to create a plan with the intent to get there.  Most people shy away from “resolutions” because they don’t feel broken.


Makes sense doesn’t it.  So this year, I’ve chose to be intentional, not only in Full Bloom Parties and the goals I have set for it, but in my own life as well.  I do not have anything I want to fix because it is broken, I have things I want to change to make better, stronger and worthy of me.  Change is certain and a constant in life, that means with jobs, partners, houses, circumstances, tastes, clothes and friends.  Nothing stays the same; we are constantly evolving beings from age and wisdom, so if you want to keep what you have it will require work and dedication from a loving stand point. 


How do you do that?  Instead of writing RESOLUTIONS at the top of your fresh page for 2019, write the sentence, “I intend to…” then set your goal.  This helps you initiate the commitment you have to yourself for the year to accomplish this goal.  I would only choose about 10 things to try and change, alter or make better for the year, it can be a process and emotions always run high with change.  If you know you’re more ambitious, fantastic!  Or know you can accomplish some goals fairly quickly, then have at it, but the whole point is to finish or accomplish your goals by 2020.  Be realistic, but push yourself.


I personally have my goals broken into ten areas: Me as a whole, Travel, Career, Knowledge, Friends, Family/Partner, Finances, Spiritually, Creative, and Fame/Public.  Doing it this way allows me to be well rounded and help keep my focus straight.  I also create a vision board with pictures and words of my goals to be able to visualize/day dream more effectively.  It is not the only way, but it works for me.  I hear of people creating stories of themselves, of the change the want to happen.  I’ve heard people write poems, create songs or create a video to help them believe they have achieved it.  Find what sparks your soul and creativity to get you to take that first step towards your intentions.


This year I encourage you to live your life with intention.  Live with passion.  Live with dedication.  Live with drive.  Live with change.  I encourage you to learn from your mistakes.  Learn from your experiences and choose where you want to go from here.  Life is always a choice, it may not be easy and more than likely will make you cry more than a few times, but your happiness is worth it. 


As always, I love who I am, I love what I do, and I love the products I get to share with all of you.  I am the creator and CEO of Full Bloom Parties and until next time, be cool, stay safe and practice your own KINK and Sexy.


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