Kink and Sexy - World Travelers

by Liona Sun

Volume 12: World Travelers


The time has come to pack up my bags for our trip to South America (YEAH!) and I am so excited for it.  This will be the first time my man and I have had an alone vacation in five years, before our boys were born.  In all honesty our last romantic leisurely trip just for us was to Las Vegas in 2010, which was an absolute treat.  We walked everywhere and saw the sights, went to a few exhibits and watched the Bellagio Hotel’s midnight fountain performance.  There were no words, just feelings of awe and inspiration from that trip.  I am most excited for the one on one time with my man though.  All to myself.  No one to call, interrupt, or distractions from us in any way.  The only things I need to take care of is what I’m going to pack and make sure I have packed enough cash for shopping.


So what to bring?  I’m not going to lie, the only thing on my mind was the adult toys.  I set aside my favorite one and had to go get its travel bag and realized there were a bag of brand new toys to be “tested” and I had a couple that I wanted to try.  I set the bag down for my favorite toy and rummaged through testers.  After I decided on which one, I put the new toy and some lube in a grocery sack with the thought that I’d grab the charger for it on my way upstairs to my bedroom.  Then I heard it, little foot steps down the stairs and into my office, “Mama, I came to check on you.”  I scooped up everything up and shoved it under the night stand and thought, “Shoo ya little bugger.” but, I know better as a mother!  I was debating how skilled I was at being sneaky, to bring my goodies upstairs.  Sure enough, as mini man started up, I made a mad dash to the back, grabbed the dirty hamper basket full of dirty baby bibs, soiled kids clothes and kitchen towels and hid the contents in there before heading up the stairs myself.  With spiked adrenalin, I stuffed the whole shopping bag in the bottom of my luggage without another thought and zipped it up to deal with later.


We were scheduled to leave for the airport on Sunday at midnight and that weekend was already cram packed.  The boys and I picked up my parents from the air port on Saturday, which is an all day affair for both us and my parents.  On Sunday we tackled the Celtic Festival, which was followed by my little mini’s birthday that night, and then big hugs and kisses good night before we left to hop on a plane headed to paradise.  Twenty-two hours in four different planes later, I was stiff, hungry, greasy, dirty and desperately wanted sleep. 


When the sun rose later that day, I was excited to see the rolling waves of the ocean and smell the warm scents of breakfast.  I knew it was going to be a great day.  A full belly and warm shower later, I opened my suit case and riffled through the contents of the grocery bag to realize I forgot my favorite vibrator at home and pray to all that is holy it is in the arsenal drawer and NOT out for the boys to handle, the new toy I grabbed was not charged and the lube I chose was the only thing in tact.  The air kicks and silent cuss words that followed didn’t convey my anger and disappointment for the plans that I had for those toys.


How many times ladies, have you tried to pull off something amazing for your partner and it all falls apart at the seams because you have ten million other things on your mind?  This is exactly why I needed the vacation, to clear my head and focus on my man.  Well, it looks like I’ll have to do it the old fashioned way, with lube in hand.


My biggest lessons from this adventure with toys are:


1. Pack the toys first and at night time so you have no interruptions from little eyes.

2. Charge everything in advance or bring cords.

3. Have back ups.  Bring toys that don’t need batteries.  C-rings and Masturbation sleeves are great. (NOTE on this, put them in your checked luggage, they may get confiscated because they are a “gel” substance.)

4. Make sure you put ALL toys it in the luggage to check UNDER the plane.  Less stops with TSA and less eyes, the better, especially if it’s a surprise.

5. Remember why you are on vacation.  Sometimes we get too caught up in the plan or fail of the plan and forget to be happy, excited and overjoyed that you’re in paradise ALONE with your partner.

6. Regardless of all the flaws, improvise and have fun.


My man always tells me, “You go to war with what you have, not what you wish you had.”  With all good intensions things still go awry and you have to be flexible and creative to make the best of every crazy chaotic situation, but honestly, that’s half the fun.


As always, I love who I am, I love what I do, and I love the products I get to share with all of you.  I am Liona Sun, Full Bloom Parties Blogger and until next time, be cool, stay safe and practice your own KINK and Sexy.


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