Kink and Sexy - You're a What?

By Gracie Smith

Volume 1 : You're a What? 


“You do you do?  You’re a what?  How did you get into that?”  I can’t begin to tell you how often I get that about creating my own Adult Intimate Items business.  I admit, in the beginning it was very intimidating to share the news that I was an Intimate Items Business Owner for the pure fact that I wasn’t sure how my grandparents would take it.  Everyone else kind of already knew, but they were the ones that I tried to appear innocent for.  When they found out though, I just got a hug around my shoulder and encouragement, “You’re doing just fine.”  Talk about a weight lifted!  Now realistically, there is a time and place to post all of my promotions, facts and funnies, because eventually my children will have Facebook or Instagram accounts and I want to keep this from them until they understand the real truths and responsibility of it all.


There should be no shame in sex or selling sex items.  80 percent of women want to try out a product before buying it.  Does this mean you actually go to town on one of my demo vibrator in a room full of your closest friends?  NOOOO.  Be sensible.  You can feel the texture and vibration in other places of your body without having it on your clitoris…but that’s knowledge for another time.


I think one of the best insults I’ve ever gotten was, “Only trashy people use sex toys and even trashier people sell them.”  Well, sir, you obviously have a very lame sex life.  What they don’t realize is I allow women to awaken or reawaken their inner goddess in a safe environment.  Most of us really don’t want to go into a sex shop and giggle down every isle then walk out with nothing, because we are too intimidated to choose anything.  Plus, if we have a question about a product or our own personal situation, do you really want to ask the store worker, who is usually about 18-20, in front of a bunch of strangers who may or may not know the answer to you intimate question?  We need to trust the person giving us that knowledge.  We need to believe they are experienced enough to know and not judge.  Most of those places, I don't get that feeling, it's a job for most.  For me, helping women awaken their inner goddess and rekindle the passion in their love life is my passion.


Don’t get me wrong, there are some women (uh hum) that have no problem talking to people about sex and don’t care who they’re around or who they’re with or who hears about it.  More power to you, book a party, become a consultant, share your gift with the world.  For the rest, sex stays in the bedroom and creeps out when you have an issue.  That’s where I come in.  I want to encourage women not to wait until there's an issue to talk, explore, learn and experiment.  For those of us that are in long term committed relationships have to learn how to spice it up as the years grow.


My main purpose to this Full Bloom Blog is the hope to educate people tastefully, about the different KINK’s of the world and will be doing interviews with women who have different styles of KINK and SEXY.  I am not an expert in the least, but I will find the people that are.  Remember, we are all different, if it’s not your thing, cool, read it, share it and move on.  It never hurts you to learn…but, you never know what might actually spark a flame.


Here’s a little hint though, relatively EVERYONE has sex!  It feels good, helps relieve tension and discomfort in most cases, and for those looking to have babies, its great for that too…I hear you have to drink the water in the south before hand though.


This is not an easy profession.  You get the good comments and the bad ones.  You get happy customers and then you get the not so great of ones.  You see some clean ladies and some not so clean ladies and you just have to roll with it.  I take the good with the bad and have a blast while teaching those willing to learn.


Looking back now at my first experience with sex, I shake my head and wonder what the heck!  The boy, I say boy because of his maturity level; I was dating at the time truly believed women didn’t have orgasms, and never tried for it either.  I was 18 and didn’t know any better, hadn’t read anything or been to one of my amazing classes.  The first party I went to, talked about the fun stuff you could use on each other, but I remember thinking, what’s the point if women don’t orgasm.  Over the years and many parties later, I’ve learned not only the mechanics, feelings, smells, and desire, but I’ve also learned how I should treat and think about myself. 


This experience propelled me to get into the world of Romance.  I originally started with an MLM that I fell in love with.  They were the one that I had hosted parties for, for years before I became a consultant with.  I loved the smells, the product and the atmosphere of the company, and had a blast presenting the hundreds of products that I knew everything about.  Sadly, when they were bought out, the new company didn’t retain a lot of the products and I just couldn’t get into their way of doing things.  So I started my own and brought back the KINK in a much different way. 


What do you do at the parties?   You get a bunch of your closest girlfriends together, have some food and wine/beer/liquor what every your flavor is, as I bring the sex shop to you.  I have a table full of toys, bath and body products, edibles (yes, edibles), massage oils, lubricants, sexual health toys and fetish ware that you get to touch, feel, experience and when appropriate taste before you buy the products.   We play games, ask questions and realize that everyone is turned on by something different.  That is PERFECTLY okay, as long as it’s safe.


I love who I am, I love what I do, and I love the products I get to share with all of you.  I am the creator and CEO of Full Bloom Parties and until next time, be cool, stay safe and practice your own KINK and Sexy.


I hope you enjoy, like, comment, and keep in touch with all the up-coming blogs.  Ladies, if you’d like to be interviewed for your own KINK and Sexy article, be sure to message me either through social media or by email at and we’ll set up an interview! - (secret group) -

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